Easy to remove for cleaning, and lies flat in the tray for travel

Designed for holding when moving or cleaning

Carefully designed edges to prevent puppies chewing

Rubber feet under tray to prevent it slipping

Tree shape and branch pattern channel urine into the tray

Can be cleaned with any dog-friendly product

Individual parts can be replaced separately when needed

Individual parts can be replaced separately when needed

Product Size

Woofaloo dog toilet is the perfect size for small and medium sized dogs. It is also sized to fit indoors or outdoors:

Height: 360mm
Width: 550mm
Depth: 455mm


1. Get the Woofaloo tray and insert the rubber feet under the tray

2. Connect the Woofaloo tree moulding onto the base

If using a puppy pad, cut with template and place in the tray before fitting the tree

3. If you are not using a puppy pad add your chosen absorbent material

Template provided

Template provided to cut out puppy training pads to fit in the Woofaloo dog toilet.

See Woofaloo in action

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