My two Papillons; Ansel (12 years) & Frazer (9 years), gave me the idea to create Woofaloo dog toilet. When they were puppies, and although they were trained, we found that whilst we were at work they would use a table leg, chair, kitchen unit or other furniture to wee on. We could not find any suitable product on the market to solve this issue so this is where the Woofaloo dog toilet concept was born in 2012.


At first we used a simple tray with a kneeling pad propped up at the back and decorated with a few branches. In only a short time Ansel used it and since then we have never looked back, with both my dogs using it until the present day!


Woofaloo took 3 years to develop, and was carefully designed to give customers the stylish and simple look and to make it easy to use. It can be put anywhere to suit your dog’s needs, is easy to clean, and lies flat for travel if your dog is going with you. It will be another comfort item for them like their bedding and it will give your dog an en-suite whilst you are out.

Ansel and Frazer with Hannah

Woofaloo Dog Toilet

Woofaloo Tree


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